All High-Speed Internet Service Should be This Affordable

How much easier would it be to rent units in your apartment complex or housing community if your residents knew that high-speed internet service was already provided and ready to go when they get their keys? At Peregrine Web, we’re here to make property management simpler for you, and that starts with the number-one most requested amenity—high-speed internet service.

Internet Plans that are Popular and Affordable

We are pleased to provide you with pricing for our residential subscribers:

For multi-family community owners, property managers, and HOA communities/associations we offer volume discounts and managed Wi-Fi pricing specifically tailored to your needs.

Make Peregrine Web YOUR Competitive Advantage

If you’ve ever lost residents to a competing apartment complex or to a newer, more updated community, you know that offering the latest and most desirable amenities—at the best prices—is crucial.

When people move into your building, they don’t want to have to move their current internet service, pick up equipment, connect cables, or spend any amount of time on the phone with customer service representatives who aren’t fast or helpful.

Instead, they want to move in, enter an access code, and have one GB of service immediately.

Combine all that with affordable pricing and stellar customer service, and we believe you and your residents will have a nearly perfect internet experience with us.

Start by contacting Peregrine Web today.

Excellent Customer Support
is Always Included

The standard internet provider is not known for its customer care. In fact, it’s known for its LACK of customer service, care, and support. And when your residents aren’t happy with the internet provider, who hears about it? You do!

Let’s increase your residents’ satisfaction by reducing the headaches caused by their internet service. Make the switch to Peregrine Web (or start providing internet service to your residents) with one phone call. We’re ready to help!