Get Managed Internet for Your Community or Apartment Building

Ultra High-Speed Connection, Exceptional Support, Zero Hassles
Isn’t it time your residents had a better internet experience?

No More Slow Connections,
No More Poor Service for Your Residents

Make slow connections and poor service a thing of the past for your residents by choosing Peregrine Web as your internet service provider. Not only will this improve your NOI, but you’ll also receive financial benefits while providing your residents with a host of advantages. With all of these benefits, switching from your current internet supplier to Peregrine Web becomes an easy and obvious choice.

With Peregrine Web, your community or apartment complex residents will get the following:

  • High-Speed—One Full Gig Download & One Full Gig Upload
  • Faster Connections and the Ability to Use More Devices
  • All Equipment Installed and In-Place When They Move In
  • Enter a Simple Access Code to Start Using Internet Service

Plus, you and your residents can rest easy knowing the internet company you’ve chosen is local and reliable. Have questions about any of these benefits?

Contact us —we’ll answer them all!

A Few Words About Our Customer Service & Support

Peregrine Web takes pride in its exceptional customer support services.

We understand that uninterrupted internet connectivity is crucial for businesses and individuals alike, and that is why we offer 24/7/365 monitoring of our system to ensure reliable and secure internet connections for our customers. We never compromise on speed and believe that every customer deserves fast and symmetrical internet speeds.

With our commitment to providing reliable and efficient services, you can be assured of uninterrupted internet connectivity and exceptional customer support.

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More About Peregrine Web’s Internet Speed

What’s the most important feature of any internet service? Speed, of course. Our data center supplies speeds up to 100 times faster than coaxial cable and traditional broadband providers.

On the other hand, the fiber we use to deliver internet service to communities will supply one GB to every resident. What does that mean for your users? It means streaming up to 8K (needed for the newest TVs) and supplying fast, reliable, secure WiFi to devices throughout their homes.

At Peregrine Web, We’re Here for YOU and the People Who Rely on You

When you decide to supply high-speed internet, the #1 requested amenity to your community you own or manage, with outstanding customer service and support, you can rest assured that we are the real people providing that internet, answering the phone, and delivering fast and thorough service.

We’re here to make sure this internet experience is the best yet!