The High-Speed Internet Your Residents Need

What’s the number-one requested (and critiqued) amenity in apartment complexes and housing communities? It’s internet service. And when it’s of the highest speed, with remarkable reliability and superior customer service, your job gets a whole lot easier.

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How is Our Internet Service ?

Coaxial cables? Conventional broadband? They are outdated technologies that result in slow internet speeds and service that can be unreliable. Our data center will provide your community with internet speeds up to 100 times faster than any of those older technologies.

How do we do it? We deliver internet connectivity with fiber, which provides one GB to each user. 8K TVs? Multiple devices? A steady signal with fast speed throughout the home? That’s no problem for Peregrine Web!

Peregrine Web Makes a Property Manager’s Job Easier

At Peregrine Web, we know property management. That’s because we’ve been in the multi-family housing business for more than 40 years.

What started as a way to provide our residents with internet service that’s faster and more dependable became a system for providing those same benefits to others. Add customer support that’s responsive and helpful, and you have an internet provider who’s heads above any other option.

Are you and your residents unhappy with your current internet service? Give us a call to discuss pricing and the options available in your area.

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Your Residents Will Love Our Customer Support

Many of the people who live in your property work from home, and they need fast, reliable WiFi. They have families, too, which means lots of devices in use around the clock—which can tax lesser internet services.

They don’t want to be stuck on hold, waiting for a customer service representative. They don’t want to struggle to connect to WiFi or wait an entire afternoon for a technician to arrive. And that’s why the team at Peregrine Web is committed to giving you and your residents a different, better internet experience.

We understand that to your residents, internet service is as important as electricity and running water, so we monitor our systems 24/7/365 to make sure they’re up and running.

And if anything should go wrong, you can trust that we’ll respond quickly and professionally to any service request. You have our word on it.